The staff at the CJS is happy to assist you with administrative questions about the CJS

For general inquiries, please email,
or call (617) 495-4326. Otherwise, please contact one of us directly:

CJS office
 Rachel Rockenmacher

Rachel Rockenmacher

Center Administrator

Please reach out to Rachel if you need assistance with:

  • Oversight of office
  • Visa applications and appointments
  • Financial requests
  • Policies and planning
  • Donor relations

Sandy Cantave Vil

Sandy Cantave Vil

Staff Assistant

Please reach out to Sandy if you need assistance with:

  • Student and visiting research scholar fellowship and prize applications
  • Primary contact for current research scholars and visiting faculty
  • Starr Seminars
  • Donor check processing and address changes
  • Financial processing
Allison Andrews

Allison Andrews

Office Assistant


Please reach out to Allison if you need assistance with:

  • Student and visitor submissions to the newsletter
  • Photographs and records
Osnat Aharoni

Osnat Aharoni

Events and Communications Coordinator


Please reach out to Osnat if you need assistance with:

  • CJS events
  • CJS Website and social media
  • Joining our e-lists