The Center for Jewish Studies (CJS) supports academic work in Jewish studies throughout Harvard University, in the many departments of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Divinity School, and Harvard Law School. The CJS strives to enrich academic offerings by supporting Visiting Professors and research scholars in Jewish studies. It does not, however, sponsor academic programs of its own. Undergraduate and graduate programs are administered by various schools and academic departments at Harvard. (See below)

Undergraduate Academic Work In Jewish Studies at Harvard College

Undergraduate academic work and funding opportunities in Jewish studies can be pursued through several paths.

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Graduate Academic Studies

Graduate students can specialize in Jewish studies in different schools and departments throughout Harvard. The Center for Jewish Studies offers fellowships, stipends and research opportunities to graduate students.

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Academic Activities and Resources For Students And Scholars

Harvard offers a wealth of resources for Harvard students and scholars of Jewish studies.

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Language Programs In Yiddish And Modern Hebrew

Harvard students may enroll in a full array of language courses in modern Hebrew and Yiddish. Undergraduate students may take these classes to meet their undergraduate language requirements and gain language citations.

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