Undergraduate Studies

Concentrations, Secondaries, and Other Study

Undergraduate academic work in Jewish studies can be pursued through several paths:

  • Students who choose an undergraduate concentration or a secondary field in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC), may select to follow the Jewish Studies track (one of four offered by the department). These programs are very flexible while focusing on aspects of Jewish studies that are related to the ancient and modern languages and civilizations of the Near East.
  • NELC also offers a language citation for non-concentrators, attesting their advanced training in modern Jewish languages. For more detail, please see the current Harvard College Handbook for Students, under “Academic Information/The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees/Other Academic Opportunities.”
  • Many departments and programs, such as History, the Study of Religion, Comparative Literature, and Social Studies are also able to construct concentrations and programs of study that involve extensive scholarship in Jewish studies.  For further information about any of the programs, please contact the Director of the CJS, the NELC office or any of the departments mentioned above.

General Education

Harvard’s Program in General Education, in which all undergraduates are required to participate, includes several courses given by Jewish studies faculty. These courses are quite popular and enroll hundreds of students annually. For current offerings please see the Courses List.

Funding Opportunities

In addition to formal classwork, the Center for Jewish Studies offers research, study, and travel stipends to undergraduates interested in pursuing and undertaking projects related to Jewish studies. Application cycles for these grants are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Find out more on our Fellowships and Prizes page.

Applications To Harvard College

Prospective students interested in applying to Harvard College should check with the Admissions Office, Harvard College at https://college.harvard.edu/admissions .

Read Emet: A Harvard Undergraduate Jewish Studies Journal

Front cover of Emet: A Harvard Undergraduate Jewish Studies Journal