COMPLIT 114 / HDS 3802 – Mysticism and Literature

COMPLIT 114 – Mysticism and Literature

Semester: Spring
Offered: 2022
Instructor: Luis Giron Negron
Meeting Time: W 9:00am-11:45am

Examines trends, issues, and debates in the comparative study of mystical literature. Close readings of primary works by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim authors from the Middle Ages through the 16th century. Topics include poetry and mysticism; allegory, symbolism, and Scripture; body and gender; apophasis vs cataphasis; exemplarity and autobiographism; language and experience. Also examines creative engagement of pre-modern mystical literature in selected works by modern authors (Borges, T.S. Eliot) and literary theorists (DeCerteau).

Offered jointly with Harvard Divinity School as HDS 3802

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