RELIGION 1414 / HDS 1503 – Scripture Stories of Women

RELIGION 1414 – Scripture Stories of Women

Semester: Fall
Offered: 2021
Instructor: Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza
Meeting Time: T 12:00pm-3:00pm

This course will engage in the study of Jewish, Christian and Islamic Scripture texts about wo/men in order to assess how these text portray wo/men and their shaping of the religious and cultural understandings of wo/men today. Special attention will be given to feminist/womanist/Latina interpretation and its significance for religious, cultural, social discourses and political imagination. Discussion will focus on the significance of social location and religious imagination in the interpretation and teaching of these biblical stories of wo/men today as well as on the cultural religious significance of these stories for contemporary biblical discourse, education and/or ministerial praxis.

Offered jointly with Harvard Divinity School as HDS 1503

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