ANE 198 / HEBREW 198 / HDS 1441 – Sacred Space and Sacred Time in Ancient Israel

ANE 198 – Sacred Space and Sacred Time in Ancient Israel

Semester: Fall
Offered: 2021
Instructor: Shaye Cohen
Meeting Time: M 3:00pm-5:45pm

Sacred space and sacred time were two axes of religion and culture in antiquity. What purpose did they serve in ancient Israel? This course explores the major shrines and festal celebrations that shaped the history of ancient Israel. It considers the processes by which the Israelite cult was gradually centralized to a small number of temples and priestly families, and how a fixed calendar of annual pilgrimages was promoted across a growing diaspora. Students gain essential skills in combining biblical evidence, archaeological data, comparative materials, as well as social theories about space and time to advance their understanding of ancient Israel and the history of Judaism. Hebrew not required. The course can count towards the undergraduate Ancient Studies Requirement.

Notes: Offered jointly with Faculty of Arts & Sciences as HEBREW 198

Offered jointly with Harvard Divinity School as HDS 1441

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