ANE 197 / HDS 1440 – Bible and Empire

ANE 197 – Bible and Empire

Semester: Fall
Offered: 2021
Instructor: Julia Rhyder
Meeting Time: W 3:00pm-5:45pm

This course explores the importance of empire for the study of the Hebrew Bible and its history of reception. Surveying the major hegemonic expansionist states, or “empires,” that shaped the history of ancient Israel, the course is structured around key themes such as borderlands, migration, warfare, and cultural hybridity. Particular attention is paid to the relevance of postcolonial theory for biblical exegesis, with the aim of strengthening students’ skills in judiciously applying socio-scientific models to the study of ancient texts. We also consider the Bible’s place in more contemporary imperial settings: its use in supporting the interests of imperialism, as well as its mobilization against such interests. All ancient texts will be read in translation.

Offered jointly with Harvard Divinity School as HDS 1440

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