Modern Hebrew Place-Out Exam


The Modern Hebrew place-out exam will take place on August 15 , 12:00-3:00 ET online. Notice: this is ONLY a place out exam. For the exam you will need a printer to download and print the form and a scanner (or scanner app on your phone) to send it back when you are done. This…

Antiochus III’s Edict(s) to Jerusalem: Between Imperial Stress and Local Agency | A Symposium

Ancient coin featuring Antiochos_III_the_Great_Tetradrachm

Rotem Avneri Meir and Julia Rhyder (co-organizers) Harvard University, April 20–21, 2023 The first decades of Seleucid rule in Judea are strikingly quiet in comparison to the tumultuous events of the 160s BCE. Some suggest that, during these decades, antagonism towards foreign rule brewed, eventually leading to the Maccabean revolt. Alternatively, other scholars have suggested…