Modern Hebrew Place-Out Exam


The Modern Hebrew place-out exam will take place on August 15 , 12:00-3:00 ET online.

Notice: this is ONLY a place out exam.

For the exam you will need a printer to download and print the form and a scanner (or scanner app on your phone) to send it back when you are done.

This is a closed-book exam. No outside materials are allowed, including dictionaries.

All the writing will be done on the form.

Exam Structure:

Reading Comprehension Text:

  • 20%: multiple choice questions (4×5%)
  • 10%: Short essay


  • 15%: Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb (root, building provided)
  • 10%: Transforming sentences active to passive form and vice versa
  • 10%: Completing conditional sentences


  • 10%: Writing numbers and nouns in words (Example: 15 dresses)
  • 15%: Sentence translation
  • 10%: Open response/essay: Write about Zoom learning

Please contact Irit Aharony to get the zoom link or with any question.