Hebrew Bible Workshop: Naama Golan

Swartz Hall, room118, 45 Francis Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, Cambridge, MA 02138

Harvard Divinity School

Dr Naama Golan, Kibbtzim College of Education:
“Between Doubt and Certainty; Theology and Interpretation in the Book of Daniel (Dan. 1:9, 3:17-18)”

Harvard Hebrew Bible Workshop is sponsored by the Center for Jewish Studies

Faculty advisers:
Jon Levenson, jlevenson@hds.harvard.edu
Andrew Teeter, ateeter@hds.harvard.edu

Graduate Student Coordinators:
Allison Hurst (Committee on the Study of Religion), allison_hurst@g.harvard.edu
Jessica Patey (Committee on the Study of Religion), jessicapatey@g.harvard.edu

This workshop is for GSAS Graduate students. Zoom option available

Publicity Poster for Naama Golan Lecture