YIDDISH BA – Intermediate Yiddish I

YIDDISH BA – Intermediate Yiddish I

Semester: Fall
Offered: 2021
Instructor: Sara Feldman
Meeting Time: M,T,W,Th,F 12:00pm-1:15pm

Building on the skills gained in Yiddish AA/AB, students will further develop their Yiddish reading, writing, speaking, and oral comprehension skills. Focus will be on working with a wide variety of textual and cultural materials spanning the Yiddish-speaking world in the modern era. Course materials include selections from Yiddish fiction, poetry, drama, film, music, the press, and historical documents. Students will become familiar with the language’s dialects, writing conventions, and historical development. Course activities will introduce students to the latest developments in online Yiddish publishing and digital humanities scholarship.

Recommended Prep: Yiddish AA/AB sequence, or equivalent.

Notes: This course meets for 4 hours per week. Please contact the instructor for scheduling and placement.

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