HEBREW 203 / HDS 1632

HEBREW 203 – In the Beginning: Genesis 1–11 in Comparative, Compositional, and Poetic Perspective

Semester: Fall
Offered: 2021
Instructor: Andrew Teeter
Meeting Time: T 3:00pm-5:00pm

A close study of Gen 1–11 in Hebrew with attention to (1) the formation of these compositions and their relationship to literary precursors within the ancient Near East, considered in the context of major critical debates within the current state of the field; and (2) a sustained focus on poetics and compositional artistry (stylistic and structural features, principles of organizational design, literary strategy and argumentation, textual logic, and overall expectations made of readers, both ancient and modern). The course presumes basic proficiency with Biblical Hebrew. Minimum of one year of Hebrew required. Jointly offered in HDS as 1632.

Offered jointly with Harvard Divinity School as HDS 1632

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