The Center for Jewish Studies at Harvard University is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Selma and Lewis Weinstein Prize in Jewish Studies. Joshua Moriarty ’21, a sophomore in Pforzheimer House, Spencer Glesby ’19, a senior in Dudley House, and Richard Yarrow ’19, a senior in Lowell House, have won first place for this year’s Selma and Lewis Weinstein Prize in Jewish Studies.  The Weinstein Prize, which is given to the Harvard University student who submits the best undergraduate essay in Jewish studies, was established by Lewis H. Weinstein ’27, LL.B. 1930.

“The Golden Age of Exile: Depictions of Israel in Hispano-Jewish Poetry” by Joshua Moriarty Josh Moriarty abstract

“Zecher L’Churban: The Schola Levantina and the Evolution of Venetian Synagogal Form” by Spencer Glesby Spencer Glesby abstract

“A Chemist Witnesses the Decline of Nation and Science: Jewish and German Scientists in a Post-1918 Era of Personal Reform and Despair” by Richard Yarrow Richard Yarrow abstract